Various ideas for the game


I contact you to tell you about the warhammer martyr game which for me, has a huge potential but is under exploited. I realize that you do not have a big way but I think you could still improve your game.


In this picture, on the right I looted this relic on nemesis when I was lv 50. On the left I just loot it being lv 70.
The lv 40 is more powerful than the lv 60? They all have the same level of equipment?
It's something you can change easily, these are just numbers. And it will help motivate players to remake the warzone.


The same kind of problem on this picture. The level of equipment of the normal relic is much higher than the other.

I know you have announced future updates to fix his problems. Unfortunately it's way too long. I can not find anyone with whom I can do warzone in ps4 communities.


There is no one in pvp and not many people in multiplayer
Why not create other multiplayer modes with unique rewards to farm?


I have 55 million caligari credits, 25000 destiny points and almost 8000 favors except that there is nothing valuable to buy.
Why is there no farmer these "money" ?


For the harcore players there should be something to motivate them.Why not create rewards for players who reach different levels of battles in warzones?


To bring back the players it would also be necessary for the press to talk about you for novelties. Watch google news. The last articles talking about you are starting to date.

Finally, I'm sorry to see your game has a huge potential and is so exploited. You have a mide of gold between your hands.
Good luck.

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Various ideas for the game
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5 years 184 days ago

there will be bigger changes planned to come in the near future and we plan to re-devise Warzone as well as the items which can be looted there!
Thank you for your feedback, we will consider your points!