Van helsing 2 PS4 Co-op resistance crash


Van Helsing 2, on ps4, playing co-op with a friend lately online, with me as host. Every time I go to the resistance missions that the captains completed and view the mission status to get rewards, my co-op partner gets kicked because her game crashes. 

The reward window pops up for her, but as soon as she closes it, the game crashes without failure. Is there a way around this? It is not hard to reproduce for testing purposes...

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Van helsing 2 PS4 Co-op resistance crash
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6 years 214 days ago
Hey Amano,

Thank You for bringing this to our attention, we will look into the issue.

Meanwhile as a workaround you can try accepting the rewards at the end of your coop session when you revert into offline mode. Also please check out our Help - it can be accessed from the Main Menu - where you can find some tips and tricks to get a more stable connection while in coop mode (a problematic connection could also be responsible for crashes).

We apologise for the inconvenience and are grateful for your patience.

6 years 123 days ago
exactly the same 4 me,
6 years 123 days ago
its got nothing to do with the connection i play multiplayer all the time your game is the only 1 that blue screens every time.typical cowboys blaming it on something else.ive started a campaign to stop people buying your games.
6 years 181 days ago

Friend and I are experiencing the exact same bug on Xbox One. Every time I go to a mission report to get a reward, my partner’s game freezes or crashes. He loses the reward, the XP, and anything he did in the last several minutes.

Go offline is NOT a workaround. The Go Offline option is greyed out and unavailable. Even if it were an option, going offline would just kick my friend from the game, right?

In case it wasn’t clear, this bug happens 100% of the time.

Thank you for looking into this crappy bug.