Uther's Tarrot Card Bug


I killed Fabius Bile and part of my loot was an Uther's Tarrot card.  When I left the mission, I had all of my other loot, but the Uther's Tarrot card was zero.

This is repeatable.   Here are the steps:

1.  Check your count of Uther's Tarrot cards at the beginning of the mission.

2.  Kill Bile.

3.  Get Uther's Tarrot Card in the Bile loot

4.  Check your count of Uther's Tarrot cards.  It will have added by the amount of tarrot cards received (sometimes you get more than 1).

5.  Quit the mission before reviving the Alpha Pariah.

6.  Check your count of Uther's Tarrot cards.  It will revert back to the number before the mission

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Uther's Tarrot Card Bug
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1 year 250 days ago

Did you check your diamond-shaped inventory as well? Tarot card consumables are placed in that tab, not in the normal tabs. https://gyazo.com/335f75a6543dc5dcaa89c43f19a0449c the icon on the right side.

1 year 251 days ago

check the amount of other accumulated items such as seals of the empire and shards, if they also return to the original, try a non-season character. If everything is fine with a non-seasonal character, then welcome to "my club" for more than a week I've been trying to get at least some kind of feedback from the developers, but to no avail.