Update on update


Have asked Dev in Discord about an ETA. on update and I have bad new, They can not give an ETA. at this time so I would not expect it until late next week at the earliest. I know this is sad new as I myself was looking forward the purging the unclean in the name of the god-emperor myself but his holy acolytes and servitors are still forging and blessing the wargear needed to perform such tasks! So let's pray the the machine sprites the grant them speed and fortune in there holy task so that we may in turn get back to SMITING!

PS. sounds like in all likelihood it's going to be a wipe restart type deal on this one it's a biggy!

Dont know if some one a pin this so stays at top, people keep asking about update in Discord so not seeing this post.

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Update on update
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7 years 136 days ago
Its why we are here,  to bug spot, play test, and above all, purge!  I woulld fully expect wipes throughout the founding but they dont bother me because the game is shaping up to be exactly what i wanted. 
7 years 135 days ago
I'm really pleased with the core game-play so far. I think they're getting the combat mechanics close to satisfying - the sound of the bolter in particular brings a smile to my face too. Pretty excited for the updates we'll see during the Founding and not bothered at all by wipes. I just hope they keep heading down the track they are on as developers, because it feels like they are moving to a really exciting place.
7 years 136 days ago

Lord Flasheart's words come from a man's tonsils. We are the Emperor's Vanguard, purging the unclean and the bugs that plague the sacred Code(x) which guides the machine spirits. 

"Always treat your Stormhawk Interceptor like you treat consenting Adeptus Ministorum. Get inside them five times a day and take them to heaven and back."