Update for Inquisitor - v2.1.1 - August 8


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor will be released. The updates will be applied automatically after the scheduled maintenance and when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. 

Fixed bugs

  • Co-Op stability fixes
  • Various localization fixes and improvements
  • Numerous stability fixes
  • Fixed several Open World and Campaign chest accessibility issues, teleport beacons, and more
  • Fixed a freeze under Korean localization
  • Fixed various skill descriptions and tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where Ragna's store became unavailable to players
  • Added subtitles for Prophecy cinematics
  • Fixed an issue where upon using Mind Reset consumables the skill points dropped into the negative
  • Replaced the Toxicrene at the Ebony Void Crusade's Panic Room mission
  • Fixed the Veteran of Battles achievement which did not track properly in Co-op
  • Fixed the Grand Flux Parasite Heroic Deed
  • Fixed the Hyper Flux Parasite Heroic Deed
  • Fixed the Unmarred Corpus Heroic Deed
  • Fixed the Cognis Protocol Heroic Deed
  • From now on Ordos missions will give the correct amount of reputation
  • Fixed an issue where players who chose to kill Klosterheim asked the Alpha Pariah what happened to him
  • Fixed an issue where more than 3 Ordo missions could be completed within a week
  • Added teleport beacons to maps with Security Doors to avoid stuck issues
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not select the Herald Cherub at the Extras Panel
  • Fixed a Tarot Card upgrade exploit
  • Fixed the Ordo store's reset counter
  • Fixed an issue where timed missions' counter continued while the game was paused


  • Fixed a bug where Merciful Agony was not available for the Tech-Adept
  • Enemies killed by Constructs now count towards various Heroic Deeds and Achievements
  • From now on Ancient Relic enchants' requirements and achievements will count the constructs' kills
  • Fixed the Reinforced Construct passive skill which did not affect the Kastelan construct
  • Fixed the Synod of the Machine God perk's description
  • Updated the popup design of the Constructs special abilities under the Construct Setup panel and now you can read the Damage effect tags


  • Fixed various issues under the Construct Setup panel with the controller
  • Fixed an issue where the chosen modules were not highlighted with the controller
  • Fixed an issue where players could not start an Ebony Void Crusade with the controller
  • Fixed an issue where after failing or completing a Void Crusade, players still could move between missions with the controller


  • Added multiple strengths and weaknesses to construct skills. It should be more versatile and synergistic but also more situational
  • Balanced the Data Sanctum defense mission in Chapter 3 slightly
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Update for Inquisitor - v2.1.1 - August 8
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1 year 265 days ago
Still Have negative skill points even after patch. At this point unplayable.  After the doing what the support staff said and more still in the negative. Support staff has gone silent...12 days and counting. Is a proper fix coming? Or can you just respond to my ticket and try and help resolve it?  
1 year 272 days ago

U get a Discount for Prophecy if u have the Seasonpass! I bought the Seasonpass because i was sure we get a new Character within it. But sadly we only get a Discount...

1 year 274 days ago
Well I think now with intels its easy to get points, we did 3 fractions in 2 players coop to almost 50 each just for 2 days. So I believe it shoiuld not be that easy to reach top reputation.
1 year 275 days ago
True, but all missions should give points, even 1 as it helps the factions. Eventually, to avoid exploit we can consider too low level missions (let's say down to 10 below your level) could give nothing as the Ordos will consider that as an insult and will say "Come on Inquisitor... you're just killing dummies here".
1 year 276 days ago
Intel missions randomly gives rep for the different factions as well, anywhere between 5 and 12 rep depending on tarot cards etc.
1 year 276 days ago
Nothing special on my side sorry (no card update or anything else...).
1 year 276 days ago

"Fixed an issue where more than 3 Ordo missions could be completed within a week"

To be honest, that's pretty low. I might be wrong as I only reach the rank 1 for the Ordo Malleus but only 3 missions means a lot of weeks just to reach the last rank of an Ordo. That would be more logical if any missions, regarding on the enemy type, gives more or less points. Obviously, Chaos enemies for Malleus, Xenos for Xenos and all those rebels for Hereticus.

1 year 277 days ago
Since the patch 2.1.1 crashes and freezing of the game. Anyone else such experiences? Before patch none of these problems. Graphic card ok...newest driver installed....
1 year 278 days ago

Roadmap says autumn. It was never "supposed" to be last month for consoles.

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1 year 278 days ago
Still wondering when the huge patch is coming to PS4. As the community is pretty much dead because of how long it's taking. And because of this new stand alone game. I think people who bought the original should get discount from it as I've played the game from release and lost  alot of interest because of game breaking bugs and lack of information from Devs. So when is the big patch coming it was supposed to be last month?