Unsavory Business event


So at level 100, I could not often get missions that advanced the plot for this event.  I only got as far as "kill the Elites".

I'm curious, how many stages were there for this event?  Sounds like there was some boss fight at the end?  I couldn't find any information about that this event anywhere other than "this event has started and will finish at this date".

Oh, and my pursuit of Unsavory Business resulted mostly in the demise of thousands of Dark Eldar, nevermind that I was seeking a different type of foe this last month.

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Unsavory Business event
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1 year 270 days ago
Brother Kundari
Thank you guys for your feedback!
1 year 273 days ago
I think this event was over a little bit too quick in fact. It was there active, and suddenly it was surprisingly gone. But I did do 4 I remember points. But never some kind of Boss, belonging to this small event.
1 year 274 days ago
I enjoyed the story of this event quite much, but not the hidden requirements LOL 
1 year 274 days ago

Sorry to hear that. But you could have seen the end date on mission board I suppose?


There're 5 stages, and a final boss battle.

My notes on this event:

1st stage:  kill commanders. (no record was taken, probably less than 10)

2nd: kill villains. (<= 10 villains)

3rd: kill elites. (<= 15 elites)

4th:  elites and commanders (<= 21 commanders , 11 elites)

         (requirement for commanders may be significantly less than 21)

5th: elites, villains and commanders (<= 30 commanders, 15 villains , 25 elites)


The last stage of warzone mission is an assasination of Alpha Legion, and has at least 2 villains, 1 elites and 3 commanders for each time, and served this event well.