Unknown bug causing attribute point lost


A few hours ago I have findings that  different characters have different attribute point numbers,  and I was not sure if this is a bug then.


I have fresh evidence now suggesting that this is indeed a bug:

Other players showed to me that his Assault Crusader has 1 more Warfare than mine, even with the fact that I have finished all the Hero Deeds offering Crusader attribute points, and got extra attribute at "Merciful Agony".

My guess is some bug caused this, like the missing storage item issues, attribute points could be lost forever when player redistribute them when the network status is bad.


Attached pictures: 

My Assault Crusader "Vomir" has 6 Warfare, 9 Toughness and 5 Virtue as basic, fixed attributes.

While other players have 7 Warfare, 9 Toughness and 5 Virtue.

My ID is "Distemper" on PC. Please help !

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Unknown bug causing attribute point lost
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2 years 14 days ago

One clue is, My seasonal character has 1 Hero Deed Unfinished (execute a number of enemies) which offers 1 Warfare.

It could be a miscalculation:  after I changed into Non-seasonal character, the game still calculates attribute point using data for Seasonal characters, and caused this problem.

I'm going to finish this Hero Deed and see if the problem could be reversed.

2 years 14 days ago

By the way ,this may happen very long time ago and I'm not sure whether this bug still exist in current version.