Unholy Cathedral Reward - Did I break it?


So I went up to 24 Minutes within the Unholy Cathedral and all the reward bags I got only contained around a hundred credits.

I thought this was the way we were supposed to get Relics or was I just very unlucky? Even if so the bags are quite... meh.


I "optimized" my Build and managed to do a 30 minutes run.

Why 30 minutes? Because there seems to be some automatic kill trigger.

Thing is: I can not recreate that.

Why? Because the mission disappeared for me...

Did I break something?

PS: If need be I can also show my build and its key skills and interactions though I expect the Devs to nerf it into the ground no matter what. Given that I have maxed out this mission I wonder - can we actually find Relics in the current build as they teased us on stream? Because I was grinding away for that like hell for they promised some goodie. ;)

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Unholy Cathedral Reward - Did I break it?
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6 years 296 days ago

As it seems the ~30 Minute insta-kill is gone yet aside of the 1 FPS I had there seemed to be a bug when I came back to the PC at 44 minutes.

It went on yet the enemies never removed the last 1 HP and as I remember I did not go in with 100% DR build which would have stopped the HP loss at around ~50% HP. Unless the insta-kill trigger remained and somehow was treated like an attack and went in at a weird moment when the DR was ramped up for some reason.

Yet also my entire HP Regen was gone which would, in theory, have healed up from the 1% of HP. Also all the incoming damage was reduced to 1.

As for the rewards and those that are interested: After the 5 minutes mark you get a pack every 3 minutes yet they mostly contain the same as the first package at 5. That is around 200 Credits and 2 random items that are either blue or green.

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