Unable to play Void Crusade



I create a crusade, upon clicking launch crusade the menu just closes and doesn't take me to map screen. I try again and it opens the create crusade menu, so I quit out, rejoin and touch the VC pedestal and it takes me to the map but it doesn't let me select a mission node?

What is going on here?

I try to abandon the obviously broken crusade to recreate another one, same thing happens and it is taking shards from me each time...

This is on PC, character name: -Dae

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Unable to play Void Crusade
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1 year 53 days ago

Hi! This bug has been fixed, thank you for your reports! Do let me know if any issues linger. Cheers!

1 year 53 days ago

Haven't try myself but my friends are saying similar things today

1 year 53 days ago
Me too, I have exactly the same issue.

I tried abandoning the void crusade (and losing my shards). When I attempted again same issue.

Please help with unstuck

1 year 54 days ago
I, and two guildmembers, have the same issue.