Unable to find the magus biologis after hoing to 3 locations. Cant proceed.


Unable to find the magus biologis after hoing to 3 locations.  Cant proceed.  Ps4 pcast30 gamer tag

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184 days ago
As we checked your account we could not find any issue related to the Magos Biologis campaign part. Do you still experience the problem?
196 days ago
Stuck after playing coop online then going to finish the ch 2 plot for the 3 areas. It does not show up ( where to cnn o for the final area) but the quest is still not complete.

215 days ago
In case you may run into any problem in the future feel free to report it and we will assist you! 
215 days ago
I deleted my characted and started over. Now it's working. It was a hassle though!
216 days ago
I am unable to find the magus biologis. I am missing the campaign mission.
254 days ago

We are still working on it, sorry for the inconvenience.

256 days ago
Reblog in my ps4 or through the game.   Relogged on my ps4 and still a no go

259 days ago
Still stuck and cannot proceed

260 days ago

We built in a script which - after a relog - corrects such problems. Could you please check whether after logging in now you can proceed in the campaign once again?