Unable to catch up to servoskull with meelee character


Today I found a servoskull in a void crusade mission, and I was simply unable to chase it down with my meelee build (crit build), it was flying too fast, I could not close the distance in time even using the assault armor jump.

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Unable to catch up to servoskull with meelee character
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2 years 232 days ago

This is all nice advice, but in my opinion, any kind of build should be able to do any kind of content. I think it is a bad game design if certain build are not able to do certain things (like in this case). BTW, can you immobilize the servoskull? It seems quite cc immune to me, but I might be wrong.

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2 years 232 days ago

Suggestion for crusader: use Eviscerator its "left click" skill immobilize target and use "Personal Teleporter" in addition teleport skill gives more mobility.

2 years 236 days ago

We will see whether its speed should be decreased!

2 years 237 days ago
I've also been struggling with this with my tech-adept, as getting the constructs to focus fire on it is near impossible, even when I shoot it with the Plasma Caliver beam.