when dropping turrets enemies walk right up to it or by it and it doesnt fire right away we have had this problem since alpha came out over a year ago please give turrets for crusader some love and have them fire when dropped not wait for enemies to walk right on by 

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4 years 181 days ago
Thank you for your suggestion I add it to our request list.
4 years 182 days ago
yeah i agree. turret is not a good asset atm. the rocket aoe can be usefull standing in front of a giant mob it makes things fast from time to time but i agree a bit less cooldown wouldnt hurt since you are also vulnerable during firing rockets.

jumping is fine( ish ) sometimes you will jump at a corner rather than over it but it's alot better than before.

4 years 182 days ago
I, too, noticed their reaction time and especially target switching in combination with trash mobs being onehits...

...they were really not useful at all except against boss mobs or occasionally against packed champion mobs.

That should definitely change.

And then again, the other 2 crusader armor abilities are outright useless, except for the movement of the jump.
Both jump and rockets are THREE meters AE range, this seriously looks like if no dev ever tried this themselves. -.-
Their dmg is puny, not worth the focus at all for both.
The rockets have ONE MINUTE CD, and their CD/focus-cost make them both about useless for regeneration through spending focus.
Again, quite underwhelming, if not to say disappointing, just as if no one ever tested these.