Trying to get Online Co-op working (PC)


Me and the wife both bought the game to dive in for the coop. We've made it to the hub, but searching the online recruitment produces zero hits. 

We looked at online videos and we are unable to use the friend pane in social to create our own team via online.

Creating a Co-Op item, and no hits from others, and even the Wife is unable to locate the listing in the Co-Op terminal.

Did the Co-Op just shut off for us? Is there some setting we need to change on our end? Firewall issue?

Open to Ideas here and hoping for response. Thanks!

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Trying to get Online Co-op working (PC)
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221 days ago
Hey Bud,

The in-game find a group function isn't used much. You can pop up a message in general though by hitting enter and saying Hello. During perk hours lots of folks will respond, answer questions, and join your group. It is a good way to find your wife to, just ask her to put a message in general and then right click her name and invite her to your group. Macro is correct though on the seasonal, non seasonal thing. Make sure that both your characters are either seasonal or non in order to join up together, as the 2 can't mix. People names in red are seasonal and white is non seasonal btw. GL, HF, and GH    

222 days ago
Hey there,

our apologize for the late response.

If one of you created a lobby and the other cannot see it then this probably means that one of the characters is a Seasonal character while other is not. Seasonal chars cannot mix with non-Seasonals. You will simply not see each other, cannot join each other. So, first please check whether one of the chars is a seasonal.

Regarding the 'no hits from other players' part: the Lobby feature is not used frequently so if you want to look for other players it is recommended to write a post on the game's Steam forum or on Discord where there are many active players. 

As for the Friends list: you cannot add each other as friends? This sounds weird and might be a potential bug. Did you try to search for the account name of the partner or the char name? You should look for the account name. Let me know if you still cannot find each other.