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I'm highly interested in this game, but I hate paying cash and then going through the process of refunding if I don't like it.

Is / will there be a trial version, like, idk, a week, or to a certain level?

(Skimmed the forum and google for something like that, didn't find, that's why I'm posting this.)

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Trial Version
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6 years 127 days ago
I don't think so. ATM my positivity about the progress the game made is gone and I would recommend to not buy the game untill you saw release videos about the implemented stuff and the ingame activitys and endgame stuff. At the moment I'm back to my pessimistic state that things might go south.
6 years 127 days ago
Oh, my plan was to wait for the official release, anyway.

I still would like to try it first before buying. ^^

And thanks for the replay. =D