tooltips for skill tree are offscreen PS4



Tooltips for skill tree are offscreen and this is quite annoying because  some tooltips  are even impossible to read ,that really doesn't help when you mess with your build often like me.

I try to change the language of the game but same issue with 3 different language.

Also this is an old issue you have fix but made a comeback with  the last patch, i call this heresy !

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tooltips for skill tree are offscreen PS4
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1 year 30 days ago
The console team will look into this issue @ARMORED8‍ , thanks for letting us know!
1 year 34 days ago
SinfulDa Masta

We have this option on ps4 work for every games, i never had an xbox so i can't tell for sure but  i am surprise  you don't have the options to adjust screen bounds.

For my problem this is an old issue on ps4 they have fix before but reintroduce with the last patch.

1 year 35 days ago

Could be related to your TV? I play 1080p on Xbox on a decently large but older TV. I’ve played around with all the TV display settings but no matter what I tried, some of the screen is always cut off. I couldn’te see the amount of Inoculator charges I have left nor the XP bar in bottom left, underneath the Inoculator. I was able to offset my screen to the right in TV settings so I could see Inoculator charges, but now more is cut off on the right side.

Would help if there was an option in game settings that let us adjust the screen bounds of the game.

1 year 39 days ago

I am on ps4 so 1080p i guess.

Go in defense skill tree for example and check skill on the right side, this issue affect  all characters also.

Just check skill on the right side of the screen in most skill tree and you will immediately  see the problem, sorry is a little hard for me to be more specific.

1 year 39 days ago

On what resolution are you playing? Can you name a few tooltips where are displayed offscreen?