Tips for new players - vid - oh and face :)


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Tips for new players - vid - oh and face :)
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4 years 301 days ago

Nice gentle introduction, not bad though may I say the sound quality is not up to your usual standard. Well done.

4 years 301 days ago

What do you think sounded different? - Curious as it was same mic and same EQ settings. 

4 years 301 days ago

Just quickly went back and checked this video with one of your alpha rants and, the customisation video. The sound in those 2 seem to have less reverberation and, more clear. 

4 years 300 days ago

ah yea, I had to move further from the mic to record the cam footage... you are right about the reverb though. I have sound treatment for the whole room but no way to fix it to the walls (I rent xD) .. still thinking about that. 

4 years 299 days ago

Great vid but one point there at the end. The last part  where it says that to use   melee  weapon to stun mob that have  high health regen.  The heavy boltor  has a ability that does this  well it  is the #2 ability   and  will knock down most enemies an stop the regen process  making them  die in like 3  hit  where as i  could put a  full clip into it normally without budging the HP bar.