Timed Tarot


Recently finished my first Tarot mission. I picked Traitor, Hourglass and Bloodshed for Tarots. Upon finishing my mission to which I was a minute and 30 seconds over the allotted 10 minute timer I was still able to extract from my mission.  Once I got to the loot screen it displayed I had leveled up and received many wonderful items but I'm unable to leave the screen by clicking continue. I've restarted the game a number of times and it still proceeds to the loot screen where I get stuck. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated until such a time my character appears stuck.

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Timed Tarot
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1 year 275 days ago

If you run out of time you just lose the bonus from the timelimit card. The mission itself will not be affected. As for the rest, seems like a bug (you did click the lootbox/middle of the screen, i reckon?)

1 year 274 days ago

I did and seen the many wonderful items. But it wouldn't allow me to continue. I had to close out the game entirely.