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Am I the only person who doesn't like timed missions?

When it comes to timed missions I feel that I am in a minority of players (across most games) who don't like them. When it comes to Martyr I play crusader almost exclusively and the multi melter is my weapon of choice. I feel that I completely wreck most enemies with only the elites taking more than 1 shot in most cases and the AOE abilities turn groups into pyres of burning heretics. Using a heavy weapon means that I have some down time when it comes to moving on towards the next tile to start a new fight and when it comes to timed missions, such as cabal exterminations, it really punishes me as I lose so much time that failing due to time out is always a concern. Personally I don't think that I should have to invest skill points into movement traits or just not use heavy weapons because I am for some reason forced to run against a timer. I like the pace of the game and I hope to see an end product that keeps a good mix of fighting and thinking about positioning etc. and not just "how fast can I rush through this!?!?!". I find it very strange with things such as Diablo 3's rift system which I see as a game mode that asks the player "how much time can you spend not playing our game?" as the emphasis is to rush through as fast as you can.

I would genuinely like to hear what other players think of timed missions, good or bad points. I think that they favour glass cannon-high mobility builds to such an extent that it causes build diversity to suffer as it limits viable options purely due to time and tanky/slow builds don't get a look in.

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Timed Missions
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6 years 95 days ago
Agree. Timers are terrible. Especially if they are useless. So we have those who say these timers are pointless anyway because the limits are so relaxed, and those who just in general don't like timers (like me, wanting to kill heretics in peace, at my pace, waiting out the stuttering of my potato-pc, using slow builds, etc.) without friggin' deadlines.

Either remove them completely, make them optional (maybe instead of easy and hard mode, add more variety here by giving a timing option relaxed, strict, none, giving more rewards, or just implement it as a secondary objective, so no fail on time-out but more loot if You manage the limit. Could even include several) or limit them to missions that do not have to be done (like the cabal-stuff) but actually benefit from a time-limit. Don't know which those should be, but a mission type actually built around time constraints might be interesting, rewarding and challenging instead of frustrating. And could be avoided, for those who hate them. Like maybe a boss getting stronger in intervals etc.

Oh. And please don't add more time limits. It seems to be in the code somewhere, don't activate that on all missions. Ever. I'll sue You. Just kidding. But please don't.

6 years 97 days ago
No, I HATE timed missions with a passion. I want to enjoy a game and never appreciate being rushed. It adds unnecessary stress
6 years 98 days ago
There are two mission types so far bound to the cabal. 1. Extermination kill 300 mobs in 10 minutes and most mobs give time back = piece of cake. 2. Relic hunt 5 min inbetween each chest. That's sooooo much time you don't have problems there that it sounds like a joke to call it timed.

Then you have the Tarot missions for the chance of a relic item if you do the mission in 10 minutes what is fair again. You can even run down the whole map in 10 minutes even on a backtracking map.

6 years 98 days ago
Nope I HATE timed missions.

I don't like being forced to run through a level at mac 10 missing things and getting caught up on or in things.

Don't get me wrong if they're done right they can add to the game.

I haven't come across any yet and am dreading doing so.

6 years 98 days ago
Timed missions don't feel timed. You have so much time to go from A to B or get time back if you kill stuff that the time limit don't matter.
6 years 99 days ago
Personally enjoy a timed element. Games are easy when you slow things down and do sensible things. Playing faster means more mistakes which means less predictable. 

Id disagree though that the tanks have it harder. I can literally walk through maps without killing stuff on my crusader (sometimes even on yellow missions) 

6 years 99 days ago
I did a timed mission the other night in which there was no map. I made it but I'll tell you I was pretty damn angry that there was no map to go by. Made it almost impossible.
6 years 100 days ago
Everything has is good and bad points. Yes after a long day at work I love coming home and killing everything in which case I do kill all missions. Come the weekend and getting into spamming timed missions are great.

Can't get the point of this post. Is it to try to justify your dislike or as a complaint about having them in game. If i don't like something I simply don't do it..