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So here's a couple thoughts/ ideas I've had whilst playing.

First off I don't really care for the Spoils of War game type.  It just doesn't really feel like I'm gaining anything as "Spoils" would lead me to believe.  My thoughts on it were maybe to change it, so maybe once every 10, 25, 50, etc. missions in a sector we get a spoils of war pop up in that sector.  Being that it is "Spoils" of War, I feel like we should get a decent piece of gear from it hence why they would appear less frequently.  I would like it to be rated higher than your character and scale at all times, so it never gets easier.  Should be near impossible solo, still doable just nowhere near easy, to promote coop play even if it is just for one mission every so often for a nice upgrade.  Should reward players with green or purple gear upon completion, but should also include multiple bosses and elite packs.  Might also require being max level to access these missions and make it a sort of endgame.  This would also add a layer of grindiness that all ARPGs employ.

As of now it is too easy in my opinion to get better gear through the store after every mission, I understand that this may just be for testing purposes but I am gaining 1 attack power and 1 to 2 defense power after every mission.  First by equipping any attack/defense upgrades that dropped from the mission, then I open my loot bag and equip upgrades again, and then I finally open the store and the items are better than the loot bag items which were better than the items from the previous mission.  Simple fix would be to have store and loot bag drop items of similar power to what dropped from the previous mission that way I only upgrade a few items after every run.

I would also like to see mouse over toolt ips instead of having to click on everything, and to have my currently equipped items show up next to whatever I'm looking at for quick comparison.

Great job so far, I love how the dev team responds back to us and listens to suggestions.  Keep up the good work.

Question here also.  I have noticed different manufacturers on the weapons.  Does manufacturer have any bearing on the items stats or gameplay? Something similar to what borderlands does with its weapons.

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Thoughts on the game
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6 years 84 days ago

Thank you for your feedbacks guys!


- After The Founding we will have a Steam page, where you will be able to buy the game. But unfortunately at this point we won't have steam early access. Our store is very secure, we are using Xsolla. After purchase you will get a Steam key, so you should try it.

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6 years 86 days ago
Really on the fence about buying a founder pack.  I really don't like using my credit card all over the place.  I've used Steam for years and trust them beyond a doubt.  I understand that you want to keep this in-house instead of putting it on steam early access.  You should however look at  a game called 7 Days to Die.  The game has been in prerelease forever it seems.  I think you'd end up making alot more money to help fund more development if we could buy through Steam.

I am a huge 40k fan and would love to support your endeavor!! I've bought the Van Helsing  games and loved them all!!!!

So please reconsider putting 40K Inquisitor on Steam early access as i'd buy it in a second!!!!

Thanks and keep up the great work!!!!

6 years 90 days ago
It appears that the manufacturer does have some effect on the stat focus of a weapon, but I haven't spent much time trying to nail down what manufacturer does what.