Thoughts on enemy Patrols?Secondary Objectives?


I was just pondering patrols for maps in order to spice things up a bit. Perhaps a small group of non fodder enemies, maybe 1 group for small maps, 2-3 for med to large. It could add an interesting layer for  potential threats and may get the player to be a bit more cautious. 

Another thing was side/bonus objectives which could make purging slightly more interesting. Something that could reward bonus credits/fate etc.

Any thoughts?

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Thoughts on enemy Patrols?Secondary Objectives?
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7 years 93 days ago
Mighty Snakefist agrees!

In VH-series there were some maps which could generate extra boss after finishing the primary objective, and that mechanic was very interesting to play. 

The other type he can remember now was, in short, clicking on something (hidden?) across the map. Or series of maps.

Anyway, random secondary (if the map is very large, perhaps even few 'layers' of those) objective would be nice!

7 years 93 days ago
Like the OP's ideas.
7 years 91 days ago
Agreed, almost anything that adds dynamic elements to the missions to avoid staleness and or repetition is welcomed.