Thoughts and opinions as a 40k fanatic :)



So firstly props on a very very good game..

Let me just cover a small background, firstly I got into 40k with dawn of war... being absolutely drawn in.. I have read the books.. and also try keep up with lore and help friends to understand some lore based discussions we have..

I also been playing a crap ton of diablo 3 since launch have around 5000 hours or so... so want to try combine the two together to give some solid feed back of the psyker so far and enemies

Imperial Guard
a) A buddy of mine commented on the guardsmen and sure it's very very heavily based on the tier you playing on similar to grift levels in diablo... buuuuut I would honestly put guardsmen at a horde style type char cause honestly squadron of guardsman don't wake up and be like "lets kill an inquisitor" granted they have fallen to chaos.. there accuracy with las rifles is pretty much more accurate than a vindicare assassin on some hyped steriods... so their accuracy should really really drop off.. cause it's a little crazy.. maybe if they were kasrkin it would be slightly more reasonable...

b) They dealing with inquisitors.. and psyker level inquisitors and they just standing there.. while lore wise they literally being killed cause they pretty much crapping themselves to everything... add some commissars or have a fear factor introduced.. they are literally the plebs of 40k and die in the millions... if you can handle someone killing off your buddies.. you gonna run and hide and pray to god emporer.

c) Finally... you know you in the wrong universe when you rather kill a space marine horde (5 or so) than a group of guardsmen..

a) Well everything here is pretty solid, the only thing is.. marines honestly need a boost... slow.. and low damage units.. marked as champions.. yet they insta peg.. I play normally about 50 tier higher than my own.. sometimes more.. my gear score currently is 550+ so yeaaaah marines... need some help... especially since they should be blessed by their deity

b) I honestly hope you will be adding the other chaos gods... like really really...

a) Okay the most important thing.. honestly the whole like.. you have these spells but can't use some cause reasons.. even though you know the spell.. but just reasons.. like many times I like running with my lightning spell and my molten beam but because I want a sword and pistol I only get my lightning... nooooot cool... We should be able to use any spells we have unlocked... like stuff that

b) Also being punished by the warp is honestly probably one of my favourite things.. I loved playing warlock back in world of warcraft and it has a very punish/reward vibe going to it... but and a very big but at that, like the warp not punishing demons sure I can accept that... a giant tornado of pure fu... going over a guardsmen... is total nonsense.. as a powerful inquisitor I am practically running as fast as I can and they just laugh at me... nope nope nope

c) Add some more spells please.. this isn't star wars... also maybe add some support spells... would be fun to run some crazy levels and have someone who can actually heal and buff a group (like every arpg ever)

a) There are some heroic deeds not giving rewards when being completed.. this is the whole opening chests thing and the 5mil damage that rewards a perk.. kinda sad :( I have unlocked it ages ago and can't use the perk

b) I hope you planning on adding like eldar and orks.. cause if you do... my word happy vibes

c) Also like a whole light dark factor and exterminatus type thing would be super cool... inquisitors or to say "a inquisitor" has fallen to chaos... it would be fun if that were a actual implemented thing and would give some grounds to pvp and other world events

d) I love the tarrot and fate system has served me well but think it would be fun to get more

e) rng is pretty decent no lies

f) appearance granted is far away.. but being able to customize yourself fully is super duper cool

g) finally I hope you planing on adding some really really really op units.. like stuff you need parties to defeat like world bosses type vibe... like titans.. blood thirsters.. primarchs whatever really.. but some crazy stuff.

Anyway loving the game has fully replaced d3.. and super excited to see it progress

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Thoughts and opinions as a 40k fanatic :)
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6 years 174 days ago

The day of an inquisitor in 40k here

Wake Up
Has Khorne flakes
Blows up planet
Kills some aliens for lols

Gets mission, kill a ton of chaos marines
Completes with ease

Gets rebel gaurdsmen mission... lies in bed crying 

6 years 174 days ago
You know it's bad when you'd rather dive bomb a chaos dreadnought and beat it with a sword until it falls over, than want to be anywhere near 2 shotgun ogryn
6 years 174 days ago
Posted by Frankenllama 6 years 174 days ago
You know it's bad when you'd rather dive bomb a chaos dreadnought and beat it with a sword until it falls over, than want to be anywhere near 2 shotgun ogryn

This is the problem... I would rather fear chaos marines.. and demons.. then normal people :p

6 years 174 days ago
Yes to all of this.... Literally all of it. Especially chaos marines... I crap myself more facing an Ogryn than dreadnaughts... It's completely backwards.
6 years 174 days ago
The Psyker feedback is meant to be funny for sure. There is nothing more OP at this moment then the Psyker. It's good that the class has some restrictions after all because without those there would be no reason to have other classes at all. If you take a look at stuff from the lore side of things you'll never be happy with Martyr and if you look at it the way "it should be" your cloth wearing Psyker should die from the first laser shoot in his face.

I get your point of view on the imperials but honestly they are the only faction that needs the player to think a little bit at least, every thing else is a cakewalk. I'm fine they are not 100% accurate because if they were the classes would need a big change and we'll die every mission rather instantly.

6 years 174 days ago
Thing is... like I replied before.. I would rather fear chaos, demons plague and the power of the warp... as literally a normal man with a lot of power.. 

Than a bunch of humans being like sorry we currently use aimbot... lolz ez kills XD

Like seriously though, buff what's factually overpowered in 40k than the plebs we have known to die in the millions.. so just switch it up..  make the chaos missions really hard... like really really hard even... but imperials are trash irl.. so they should remain trash XD

6 years 174 days ago
Those rebells are surely fueled by Chaos... so things done now? ^^
6 years 174 days ago
Posted by Irrelewahnt 6 years 174 days ago
Those rebells are surely fueled by Chaos... so things done now? ^^
Chaos fueled or not... Guardsmen are still just cannon fodder in the end. Even when tainted.
6 years 174 days ago
I know but don't let game balancing out of sight. Rebells are still weak onshot victims. They might simply stole the best stuff there was to do theire new job. Think about it the other way... after they killed all the officer guys who shoot them in the back they are maybe more motivated ^^.
6 years 175 days ago
Try sliding your abilities further to the left on the priority system within the Psyker book - you can use any combination of psyker ability. Only the weapons literally force an ability onto you (because the ability comes from the weapon) - if you have three empty slots you can use any three abilities however.
6 years 175 days ago
Airsick Hydra
Ey man, yeah I am currently doing that.. but still like we should be able to choose what we like where we like, I understand the mechanic behind it and how to best get it out.. but I don't want to have to resolve to that like we shouldn't be limited in a arpg to how we build our gear and loadout.. like I get that rod + rod = this and staff = that and sword + rod = this.. but at the same time.. like even if I have one slot left for a spell I want to choose that spell :p