THE MOST needed change


As we know, January patch changed keyboard/mouse shortcuts from LMB/RMB + 1/2 to LMB/1 + RMB/2.

This is affecting greatly most weapons, because SHIFT+1 isn't at all equal to SHIFT+RMB and ex-RMB-skills requiring targeting are harder to execute with '1'.

The skills were designed for old system, where most skills with larger cooldown were placed at 1 and 2 (ok, some dual-wielding builds actually profit from this, but not all)

Granted, some players might find new system superior, but some find it bit crippling.

Therefore, Mighty Snakefist suggest an option under Control options, something like 'use old keyboard mapping ON/OFF' which would make both 'camps' satisfied. Shouldn't be hard to implement, because we had old system already.

Even the controller-users are asking for remapping option, and they are influenced to much, much less degree by the change.

Please consider adding a choice as soon as possible (and full remap was promised long ago, but he guess that it is much more complicated to implement).

Why Snakefist, in His Wisdom, considers this so important?

1) Emperor told him so in a vision
2) While most bugs and such affect minority of people, or doesn't happen all the time, this one is affecting probably 50% of all players and happens constantantly

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THE MOST needed change
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6 years 156 days ago
I agree, this is a most annoying change. At least can we have the option to change it?
6 years 156 days ago
Well, in my opinion, this "new System" is just some kind of test. 

Will it work? Will it satisfy the players?

I adapted well to this change, but in my opinion, the best solution would be, to give the players the oportunity to change the Keybindings for Attacks completely.

 So that even such weird controls like 2/1/RMB/LMB could be used.

6 years 156 days ago
I adapted to the new 'layout', but as others said, full ability to map each attack to any button/key would be good.
6 years 155 days ago

Skills are re-mappable.  The fact that LMB and RMB are missing is a simple oversight of development at this early of a stage.  You can re-map LMB/RMB but you cannot map the "first two" skills which they are default-mapped to.  It isn't finished yet.

It is good to bring attention to this, but I wouldn't expect it to remain in this state upon release.

6 years 151 days ago
+1 on full ability mapping