The Great Disappearance of Skill Points


Hi, great devellopers!
You won't believe this, but I found another bug!

My stormtrooper is missing nine (9)  skill points. I don't know how it happened, I was modding my character, making a swordsman a marksman* And I noticed that when I had 111 skills, I kept missing a little bit*

Then I checked the assassin and she's also missing 1 point of skill.

What happened, where are my skill points?


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The Great Disappearance of Skill Points
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99 days ago

Unfortunatly not. I've made another character:O

107 days ago
This means all the lost points returned to your Crusader?
110 days ago

Thank you for your help. The vodkinson failed when I lost contact with the psyker* from the previous problem. Then the skins from the radical branch from psyker appeared in the crusader's puratans skill tree/

Anyway, thanks again. All in all, 9 skins is not such a loss for two weeks =)

112 days ago

As I see the problem stems from the locked skill trees. I don't yet know how, but you managed to distribute points on specific skill trees while they were locked (or simply got relocked somehow). This goes for NEWERA and as I counted, she has all the skill points displayed. I unlocked all her locked trees now, check it out yourself too.

Vodkinson's situation is a little different. It seems he indeed lost points. I forwarded the problem to our experts, although I cannot guarantee a short fix but we will deal with the problem in two weeks at most. Sorry for the troubles.

114 days ago

Heavy Gunner's name Vodkinson, and assasin's NEWERA
Accaunt's name JhoeBlack

Thank You! =)

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114 days ago
Could you tell me your account details? We will borrow your character to investigate the problem. Thanks in advance!
116 days ago

@MARCOPOLOCS‍  pardon, but could you please help me with my problem? I found that my char lost 9of skill points