the gaping wound


game keeps crashing whenever i try and load into "the Gaping Wound" quest

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the gaping wound
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201 days ago
done was still having the loading problem.. email is from [email protected]
207 days ago

We could not reproduce the problem so could you please send a verbose log file to [email protected]? I will show you how to do it:


  • Right click on the game in the Steam Library 
  • Hit Properties 
  • Click "Set Launch Options" 
  • Enter "verbose_logging=1" WITHOUT the quote marks 
  • like this: 
  • Click OK and start the game. Play with the character until the game crashes 
  • Go to Documents/NeocoreGames/Warhammer Martyr/ and find a warhammer.txt
  • Send it to [email protected]

We will try to extract some more useful information from it. Thanks in advance!

211 days ago
account name Morindin. Char is my eradicator assasin 
212 days ago
Could you tell me your ingame account name? We would like to borrow your character.
215 days ago

just tried again... dame problem half way through i crash... pretty sure my game integrity is good ever other mission i try on all my chars works fine...

235 days ago
We will try to reproduce the issue, thanks for reporting it. Could you eventually complete it or had to halt your progress?

Please verify the game's integrity as this may resolve the problem and you don't have to wait for a patch to proceed.