The game needs more like Diablo!


I've been waiting a long time for a WH40K in the Diablo style,  Unfortunately Martyr not meet my expectations.

The game needs more Diablo,  And by that I mean:

-Much better skill system

-Much better skilltree

-Faster gameplay

-Better performance

-More equipment

-More customization options

-More varied areas

-More different classes and races

-More different opponents

-boss opponents

-More loot

-More items

and much more

Please do not make the same mistake as with Van Helsing, the game series was terribly bad!

Just my humble opinion of a Warhammer fans ;D

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The game needs more like Diablo!
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6 years 357 days ago

I agree with most of the things, except for being more Diablo like with faster game pace... It's Warhammer not Diablo and it should stay like that.

6 years 360 days ago

i finish a lot of tarot missions and have a huge amount artificier equepment... and cant up my offence/defence power level...

second - do  you want add in game uniq equepment (not a artficer, literally uniq)

6 years 360 days ago
Airsick Hydra

hmm okay thx for your answer ;)

6 years 360 days ago

I'm just going to throw out there that you are refferring to this as if it's a final product :D we already know this is a tony portion of a completed game and have a huge amount of content yet to come, so pretty much 90% of what you have asked for is obviously coming, like more weapons, more areas etc.

I'd suggest you keep an eye out for the new road map, as i'm guessing you aren't aware of their current plans. We have had it confirmed that we are looking at around 20 skill trees, 200 character levels, 10 map types with 2x subtypes + each, three classes (there will be no races for classes, we are inquisitors) etc.

But I would also mention that by asking the game to be more like diablo I really think you haven't watched a lot of their advertised material, at every interview and every possible opportunity they have said how they want a different, more tactical appraoch toward arpgs. So it's very wel lto say you like diablo's playstyle more :D but this game will never try to be like daiblo.

Hope that helps!