On February 10, The Founding has launched for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr, allowing players to play the Alpha version of the game. This was our Launch Trailer:

Three weeks have passed, and we’re very close to our next milestone on the Roadmap. Until we get there, let's review what happened in February, after the launch.

The Launch

An infamous Friday launch which, despite some difficulties, went relatively well. Nothing was set on fire, except some Daemons. 

There were problems with sending out activation codes, which was later fixed with an option under Purchase History. There was a little mix-up with the Alpha build on Steam as well (we had the wrong build!), which was replaced in a few hours. The replaced build wasn't too user-friendly at first, for many players the game just froze or didn't start at all. But slowly everything stabilized.

Besides the game, basically everyone was getting used to our new Community Hub, gathering here with hundreds of comments. People reported multiple problems, but... for the Emperor, our community was becoming already amazing: you were very understanding about the issues and provided detailed feedback so we could fix a lot of issues almost immediately. We received incredibly kind messages, even if they were complaints. For this, we're very thankful.

The Changes since Launch

Players who craved the multiplayer aspect had to wait a little bit, but in the first update, Co-Op was introduced. Several fixes followed. For a reason.

In the next few days, numerous new game modes (Bunker Busting, Silence the Gun), weapons (Grenade Launcher, Greatsword) and maps were added, along with fixes.

And then things started disappearing. Chaos doesn’t rest, does it? 

An investigation was launched. A long battle against a bug regarding disappearing items, and we're still feeling its aftershocks. We’re still very vigilant, but the problem persists.

We have introduced an in-game Survey after all players had some time to get a feel of the game, so you could provide a focused feedback on gameplay difficulty and how you feel about the atmosphere.

Even more new weapons were added (the Grav Pistol, the Grav Gun and the Eviscerator), and now every solar system has an individual video at the interface.

Finally, we have implemented the Mantis Bug Tracker, making bug reports easier (from the players’ and the developers’ perspective as well).

Problems still exist as of the beginning of March, multiplayer has some issues, and players still report disappearing items, but such is the way of fighting the ever growing Chaos.

While we add more and more fixes, our community is vigilant and always quick to provide good, useful feedback, and again, we’re more than thankful for this.

This was our goal with the Founding, and we’re very happy that we can work together this way on the Alpha. Still a long road ahead of us, but it’s looking less and less daunting.

What’s Next?

As of today, we’re still working on the next major update indicated by the Roadmap. Also, we’re evaluating feedback constantly to see where we can improve the build. (You can read the results of the first Survey.)

We’ll try to provide even more detailed changelogs in the future that not only describe the changes, but also the reason why they were implemented. This way we can have even more meaningful discussions about how we should improve the game. Also, expect more Surveys, they will be implemented from time to time before certain milestones.

Until the next update, Praise the Emperor and Purge the Unclean!

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7 years 45 days ago

Hello, and boy was this fun. Also adding to the sound, needs more dakka! Melee will probarly get looked at, it feels underwhelming as it is. Space Marine the game by THQ,  nailed melee combat imho, draw on that for inspiration.

Can't wait to get my hands on some xenos tech,  errhm, I mean purge the heretic!!

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7 years 50 days ago

this game is so freaking amazing! i spent 45 minutes wander around the bridge, playing with camera angles before i noticed the mission screen screen.  OH MAN!!! THATS! When I Wasted 7 Hours of my day

All jokes aside, great game devs, the bugs will come and go, it takes time to code something realistically.  I love the grit and gore of the GUI/HUD screen and the ambience of the individual zones(Please dont lose that.), the music can be over powering at times, i personally put the music at 20%, but now i have placed it at 0%  I work in devops, I understand the Kanban/Agile/Scrum thing we are doing... lets not drop the 'je ne say quoi'  of each unique world

lastly, i dont know if it has been mentioned, but maybe an auto camera rotate option?  this way users can have an option to use mouse 3 or auto?  it was just a thought :)

Very respectfully,


7 years 50 days ago
Posted by Sven Bloodhowler 7 years 50 days ago

i have paid for the 39.99 package and i need help on how i download the game to join in on the alpha testing can anyone please help me

Hey there 'fellow Inquisitor,

 and there you go:

(and ofc, in your order confirmation mail there is this link too, if you read it carefully : )

Happy purging! 

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7 years 50 days ago

i have paid for the 39.99 package and i need help on how i download the game to join in on the alpha testing can anyone please help me

7 years 61 days ago

You can re-map your keys to WSAD for movement. That's what I did. It works much better! 

7 years 62 days ago

Greetings! I just wanted to share my opinion on the gameplay I saw. It was fantastic, I love the destructible terrain and more 40k lore for me to digest. 

There is only 1 thing that is bothering me, it is the fact that this isn't a WASD type movement. Without it, you can't move more fluidly and can't even move back whilst firing your weapon of choice. Maybe you could implement an option to move with WASD keys rather than mouse clicking. I believe this would make it more enjoyable and I will be able to perfect my tactical retreats whilst firing my plasmagun ;) 


7 years 74 days ago

I watched lots of gameplay videos  of Inquisitor Martyr, before I decided to jump in, I liked the E3 presentation, I liked the looks and I have my hopes up from my experience with the Van Helsing games that this one with the help of the 40K community can become a gem for 40k games, I know it's on alpha, but It really is showing some promise, besides the animations and graphics improvements this game needs for a later fase, I think it could really take benefit of more meaty weapon sounds,  cause I wanna hear that clash of metal followed by a thunder when I descend my Thunder Hammer upon the traitors, heretics and chaos abominations , I wanna hear the roar of the Heavy Bolter, firing powerfully and quickly and actually suppressing daemons and I wanna hear the sound of flesh burning when I use a Flamer. Anyway, I'm looking foward to the future, great work so far. For the Emperor, brothers!

7 years 82 days ago

AFIK it is not - the Founding is PC exclusive

7 years 83 days ago

Any beta up soon?

7 years 83 days ago

Yeah, i wanna know that too...

Please Devs, give us some breadcrumbs! : }

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7 years 87 days ago

Hello, I wanted to know whether the beta test is planned on consoles? 

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7 years 98 days ago
Game looks good so far, but the animations and gameplay feel a little bit clumsy, not fluid enough yet. Hope this will change in the future. Also: Will there be gamepad-support? I would love to play a game like this with gamepad, it would fit pretty well =)
7 years 99 days ago

Just joined Founder a couble of day ago and is Honored to part of it, been looking forward for this game since it whas first announced.  as i'm newbie coming to alpha gaming i don't know much bout things, but i'll help if anf wher i can,  Looks really Great, Keep up the good work :)

7 years 100 days ago
Can't wait for the next update!!!

Great game even in alpha stage.

7 years 100 days ago
Posted by LORD FLASHEART 7 years 101 days ago
Please can someone help,  i have lost all weapons, and am stuck skating around empty handed with no armor so cant fight to earn credits to purchase a replacement gun.  Is there a fix as i cant play without a gun!
All you need to do is go on a mission if it happens. usually happens in the Command Center, but when you go on mission it "fixes" the bugged gear.
7 years 101 days ago
Lord Flasheart, might be the best solution to create a new character, make some money, nad buy some new weapon and armor.
7 years 101 days ago
Please can someone help,  i have lost all weapons, and am stuck skating around empty handed with no armor so cant fight to earn credits to purchase a replacement gun.  Is there a fix as i cant play without a gun!
7 years 102 days ago
Nice work so far! Keep it coming...

7 years 105 days ago
Just bought in and become a founder.  The graphics, the sound, the feel.....  you guys are going in the right direction.  Really excited for the future of this,  thank you brothers for letting me be a part of it.
7 years 106 days ago
Love to be part of the founding, but still fail to understand how/why the mistake build looked better than the proper one.
7 years 106 days ago
I'm proud to be a part of The Founding! The foundation has been laid out, and I like what I see. With time and effort this game will become legendary!
7 years 106 days ago
I haven't bought the game yet, due to budget constraints but i plan to soon. my only complaint is that whenever i get an update on facebook, patch notes, etc. it cannot be viewed on mobile. sometimes i am not near a computer, so i would really appreciate it if you could make the website mobile friendly! i am sure others have noticed as well.
7 years 107 days ago

Big thumbs up! Thank you very much for the kind words. :)

7 years 107 days ago
Highly rated
No thank you devs for letting us shape and make this the greatest 40k game ever! 

I was a first minute buyer and I played the infamous wrong build.
Submitted bugs and tried to answer as much questions i could in the forum so you guys could fix the game :P

I put more hours in this alpha then in most fully completed triple A games i bought in years.

Thank you for fixing the bugs as fast as you guys do!
I think i speak for many others when i say we are incredibly excited for the next step on the roadmap!
You can except me to keep reporting bugs and to keep breaking everything until its unbreakable!

Once more a heartfelt thank you to all of the devs, community managers and my fellow brother and sister inquisitors for making this a amazing thing to be part of.