The cost of Fate, how does fate scale?


Anyone know how and why fate missions become exponentially more expensive and why it's account bound as opposed to character?

Like fair enough to charge more at end game, but even doing a tarot mission with my level 30 guy is still 140 fate. Considering the XP is so broken outside of Tarot(getting 125xp for a mission that promised 450), you'd think they'd throw us a bone.

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The cost of Fate, how does fate scale?
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5 years 106 days ago
I think the other issue is Fate is also tied in to other aspects of the game, forcing you to choose to either level at a decent pace, get decent loot, or unlock other parts of the game that in reality are necessary. We shouldn't have to slow down our leveling process just so we can unlock crafting avenues, as an example. it pretty much means that if you want to level decently, you really can't craft.

Fate should scale with mission level and difficulty. Also, XP rewards for Tarot should be drastically reduced (perhaps to that of story missions, and static, not impacted by Tarot cards), while side missions need about 50% boost in their XP. Tarot should be about end game progression, not leveling fast track. It hides the current deficiencies in the leveling system. Plus, Crafting should be removed from the Fate game. Cred cost for sure, perhaps even materials cost for unlocking new crafting avenues. But Fate? no. Bad idea.

5 years 106 days ago
Pham Nuwen
Indeed there is a lot in common between this game and pre 1.8 versions of Diablo and The Division, I will be taking a break for a while until some of the bugs and balance issues are fixed.

The Tarot might not be an issue if it was fixed cost for farming loot, but the fact that Runic items don't really drop in general gameplay, XP doesn't really happen outside of story quests or again Tarot, and the diminishing returns of fate makes the game crazy to play after a time.

My only interest now is levelling a second character to 40 but I can't afford Tarot and he's only getting 200-400xp per quest... add to that the same 3-4 missions over and over again it's pretty bland end game.

Issues I have in short:
- Maps are really buggy, teleports don't work, map features prevent quest completion
- Fate cost is too high and account bound

- XP for quests outside of story are not providing adequate XP

- Runic items are locked behind the Tarot missions
- Quests are not balanced, Tarot missions on Hunt provide better drops than every other mission type

5 years 106 days ago
Inquisitor Thaddeus
Fate needs to be removed from the game and Tarot missions are free.  They made the exact same mistake that Diablo 3 did when it launched, forcing players to farm hours of non-progression content before they could do a single instance of progression content, then repeat.
5 years 106 days ago
The cost resets at monday with the weekly reset.

I not 100% sure which numbers exactly but i think its every 5 or 10 tarot mission cost 10 more.

On another Note, if you are joining a Tarot mission created by another player you just have to pay 100 Fate every time, so get some friends/cabal and play with them^^

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5 years 106 days ago
Have the faith of a Black templar
5 years 106 days ago
Posted by Inquisitor Thaddeus 5 years 106 days ago
i hope they change some things, one of them is this
My fear is i'll be paying 180 by the end of the week, it's going up so fast and I don't know how to stop it...
5 years 106 days ago
i hope they change some things, one of them is this