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I'm a level 50 assasin main with 116 hours of experience in the game. Assasin was my first character both in the beta and in the official game launch. I liked the fast moving mechanic of an assasin and the ability to deal great amounts of damage to the enemy. The latter however did not seem to be working.

I am terribly sorry if this topic has been talked over many times, but I have to adress this. Why is my assasin build dealing so little damage?

And I know this might seem funny, by stating that I am just laughing at myself because I created a bad build that doesnt put out enough damage and/or debuffs for me to reliably take out enemies. But it's not like that. You see, my build is almost fully focused on Single DPS, Critical Hits, Ranged damage and all other of that fuzzy stuff that should make my character a so called "glass cannon".

With the "Glass" part I can live without problems. As long as my character would deal damage sufficent enough to stop enemy hordes from even touching my precious armour I would be just fine. But with the current state of the game my build is more of a "Glass Water Pistol" rather than anything else. I was shocked to find out that a melee build of my friend deals more damage than a fully DPS based ranged build. Frankly I was quite surprised to find that out. My friend created a melee build that was focused on survivability, not damage! How can a tank loadout outshine a dps based loadout in terms of damage!? Is it because of some hidden melee statistics that make it more worth-a-while to use tank builds as main damage dealers? Is it just the fact that I went wrong somewhere on the way of creating my very simple build? Is it because of a single item that somehow boosts Crusaders' damage immensly? Or is it just a design flaw?

I am very lost on this, and I seek both mental and material help from any and everyone in the community.

On a serious note though, I am wondering what is happening to melee loadouts since the game launch. I won't even ramble about the fact that the psyker can probably fullfill a role of an assasin or a crusader with ease or the fact that an assasin doesnt really have a set role in the game (since DPS is taken by Psyker, Tank by Crusader and there are not designated healer classes so I guess that the assasin is meant to run around any be annoying?).

And please note, I know that Inquisitor Martyr is an aRPG and that classes are more flexible and reach out beyond the boundaries of simple "Tank, DPS and Healer" brackets, but even in an aRPG a class is supposed to accomplish something, and assasin struggles to do so in my opinion.

The main point of this topic is:
What's wrong with my loadout or assasin in general in terms of damage?
What can I do to change it?
Has ranged gone to 2nd plan in favour of melee?
What's the point of the assasin class?
Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego?

Thanks for reading,

P.S Excuse the terrible nature of this post and the chaos in my paragraphs. I'm not really a forum dweller and I was hastily trying to make this post. Also excuse my english, I know I probably made some spelling or other mistakes. 

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The Assasin Question
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1 year 312 days ago
It's an easy question. While the game has somewhat less enemies than some other ARPGs, they are still not so low in numbers that Single Target, no matter how powerful, can kill mobs quick enough. Whatever you're using just *needs* to have some kind of AoE. As of now, ST is an 'off' skilltree, which would probably be useful in the future, with *much* more skillpoints. With current 56, there are many skilltrees that need investments (rarely fully, but in most cases to some beta-skill). I"ve tried to make Ranged/Melee hybrid (and it's still in developing phase), hoping to 'catch' some important synergies - but in current game  position (Lvl30) it's still much less effort to grab a katana and do everything in AoE. After 40, I might reconsider usage of second katana and try something like initially planned. 

But, in current state (with 56 skillpoints), I think I won't be able to finish the build, since MY planned synergies are contradictory with other, achievable ones - with 78 skillpoints, it should be possible. 

This situation is mainly due to skillpoint hard-cap, and we often can't play how we like but how we must. I'm happy for NeoCore decision to add levels until 70 in DLC, I've presumed it will be like 60 and everything would remain 'partial'. Not with 78!

1 year 312 days ago

Here are all the images (that actually work now)

Sorry for the delay, didnt realize there was a problem with the pictures.

Hope this helps.

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1 year 312 days ago
You did not provide your specific skill loadout or items (not even your specific weapon choice). Are you using a ranged weapon or a melee weapon that has ranged abilities? AoE is King right now unless you have “single target” weapons that bounce around that create multi hits per ability spam; especially in war zones where some sort or multi target dmg is absolutely required.

You also have to stack your skills points correctly with the right character traits).

If you share with us your build via link (use the community created chraracter builder/planner) and your weapon your are focusing around (along with what relic trait it provides you) then we can provide you apprpriste feedback.

1 year 312 days ago
Annoyingly your pictures won't load (checked on I-pad and windows 10 browser) so I can't see what your using.

So going by your information - If your using a ranged weapon with a single DPS build you'll need that that tree pretty much full and the same for Ranged Combat as well (same as me).  However you've mentioned the Warzone which is purposely designed as a grind fest (especially around lvl 20 - 25), so it could be down to the game modifiers crushing you down.

If your issue is with damage, and not with survivability, then try checking your skill trees and equipment for single target bonuses if that is your primary skill (one target at a time).

Also worth remembering that Warzone levels have to be chipped at - they take me nearly half an hour each to beat.

To be fair, your experience and play time suggest you know what your doing - so it could just boil down to the character not being balanced fully compared to full melee builds.

1 year 312 days ago


Here are all the pictures. I should've posted them a long time ago.

The general premise of the build is centered around the Prismatic Shot ability for the Longlas Rifle. It's basically a very powerful armour piercing shot that blasts through enemies but it instantly overheats your weapon to the max, that's why I use the Tactical Mastery perk so the overheat will dissapear once i change the weapon. This way I can have a pretty reliable way of rapid firing one of my most powerful abilities. My skills are also heavily structured on single shot abilities that I use to take out medium+ enemies.

My character does fine on impossible missions but the problem comes with Warzone. If not for my friends and their mostly melee centered builds I would've never even reached Warzone 40. I started having trouble at already Warzone 20 - 25. My character just cannot dish out enough damage to stay alive. That's why recently I started investing more into HP and Suppresion bonuses when it comes to items. Recently though, I heard that if you're at around Warzone Level 40 you have enough damage and health buffs that any build will work, but it's a long way from level 15 to 40 if things will keep going like this :I

Should I keep going for more dodge/HP/supression based statistics or is something else wrong?

Thanks for your help, I impatiently await your next reply. 

1 year 312 days ago

An interesting post.

At the moment I'm playing a lvl 45 Heavy Gunner Crusader, he is nearly in all Relic equipment and its all fused.  At present I can withstand a terrible beating and dish it out as well - I use a 2 handed Grav Gun, and can also run Extreme and Impossible power level missions solo (just) ;)

So if you've been playing since beta - the only things I can think of is that the Assassin is a broken character.  But I do have a few things I might be able to help you with so;

1. Is all your equipment Relic?  If so have you fused them all to 100%?

2. If the Assassin has a Ranged Tree have you maxed it out?  My Crusader Ranged tree is full - I can deal a lot of damage.  Spending points in lots of separate skill trees did not help me - so I reset them all.

3. Have you modified your equipment to build on the strength of your desired build?  Say you use aimed shot - have you rerolled the stats until you have bonuses to Aimed shot, and so on.

To be fair - you'd need to post all your equipment and their stats - what mission levels your running, and where all your skill points are spent for me to give you a better idea if you are going wrong.

but to your main points:

What's wrong with my loadout or assasin in general in terms of damage?  Maybe nothing! Need to see your stats & equipment.
What can I do to change it?  As above!
Has ranged gone to 2nd plan in favour of melee? I don't think so - My build is DPS and I can use a Power Sword quite well! :)
What's the point of the assasin class?  I think you know!
Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego?  Last seen in North West Cornwall near a rock.

And finally - Its nice to see someone post a question where they ask if they are doing something wrong, instead of the usual 'OMG Neocore your game is broken you suck!' kind of posts that we normally see.  Your English is better than mine and I'm English so no problems there either!  ;)