Terrible game waste of money


This game is absolutely terrible. its a top down rpg that requires more from my system than freaking Ghost Recon Wildlands or Battlefield 1. I play both of those games on medium with zero frame lag. I play this pos on low and it stutters like a mother. the menu barely works on medium, and on high it crashes my computer. This is a complete waste of time and money. Stop introducing new shit and fix the optimization of the game before it completely tanks. This has equivalent graphics to star wars battlefront II imo.

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Terrible game waste of money
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7 years 43 days ago

And this is why it was a wise decision not to sell the Founding on steam. Otherwise the forum / steam discussion would be swamped with these threads.

7 years 43 days ago

You do know the game is in Alpha right? I will be months before they start working on optimization; maybe if you had read the FAQ before buying the game you would know this is a true Alpha test and not some early access gimmick.

7 years 43 days ago

"The Founding"

Did you even care of reading what this all about? STOP BUYING GAMES ON ALPHA if you want a FINISHED game.

*double facepalm*

7 years 42 days ago

Really ? This again ? They say "reading is fundamental". Not for the OP I guess.

7 years 43 days ago

Perhaps it is possible that this is your first Alpha test. The game will not be pretty or work that well, but Neocore was more than transparent with that. Keep in mind that this is nowhere near finished,  won't be for another 5-7 months either, but we are here to help shape this into a great game. Maybe you will keep that in mind, and decide to help test this game.

7 years 43 days ago

if I bought a bag of oranges from the shops and they turned out to be a bag of apples, because i picked them up with my eyes closed then is the shop to blame? - They are perfectly good apples in fact.

Might want to state your setup before spouting off how bad the game is - the last 5 people i've seen complain about the games optimisation and run speed were all on laptops that my mobile phone could out perform. 

7 years 21 days ago

It's been said before already but I'm gonna say it anyway. It's ALPHA! The Foundry was set up for people that understood that and wanted to play/contribute. Maybe do a bit of reading on a product before you buy it.