Terrain bug


Since today's patch, I am falling through the world and running through walls

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Terrain bug
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1 year 67 days ago
You refer to the campaign mission where you have to find clues on the missing Magos Biologis? 

Or this was in a random Purge mission?
In case you encounter this again on PC please type into chat /mapinfo and send it to us! That will be very helpful!

1 year 67 days ago

Thank you all for the feedback!

We could reproduce the case in Unholy Cathedral which will be fixed ASAP!

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1 year 68 days ago
In unholy cathedral I can simply walk out of bounds of the map.

In the corners you can even go down far under the map ane go back up by moving the camera and using left analog to move.

This occurs everytime I have tried.

1 year 68 days ago
This occurred on a Purge mission.

I got the mission from the woman at the hospital planet in the Chernobog system

1 year 68 days ago

For me this occurs both on space ship terrain and on a planet surface.

1 year 68 days ago

may I ask how frequently are you experiencing this?
This occurs in every mission, or in regular missions/specific missions like Purge or the terrain is the same maybe?
Please get back to us if possible we will thoroughly investigate the matter! 

1 year 69 days ago
Regular PS4, the same problem.