Technoadept: summoning and healing skills. Tarot and Ordos Cards


Ability to summon robots and turrets, as well as the treatment of castellans. Change by default the purpose of the caste is not the nearest enemy, but yourself. In a battle during a caste, a character runs to the enemy and castes, while the robots appear nearby and the turrets fall on the enemy. This happens even if you move the call point. As a result, the character rushes at the enemies and receives a bunch of damage. Even to caste a castellan’s hill, the character runs to the enemy.

Tarot cards with a fixed level, with a maximum pumping give 78, 88 and 98. When you reach level 100 they become useless, but they have a lot of resources invested. Redo by +5, +10 and +15 to the current character level, otherwise it is impossible to disperse the level except for the crusade. In systems it is impossible to make the current level of complexity for the reward.

Ordos Cards. I have pumped relationships with Ordos, but their mission cards show a zero level of pumping.

Benefit only from Ordo Hereticus StoreCrafting Materials and Blueprints. The other two stores are essentially useless.

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Technoadept: summoning and healing skills. Tarot and Ordos Cards
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2 years 178 days ago
Thank you
2 years 179 days ago
Brother Kundari
It is quicker to leave cards "locked" and just upgrade one at a time
2 years 180 days ago
Well, thx for at least downvoting my post then instead of actually helping me with my sincere question.

Also just in fact trying to ask here since it is containing the term CARDS, instead of being making JUST ANOTHER THREAD containing the word CARDS.

Guess I will just have to figure it out myself.

2 years 181 days ago
Maybe it helps if I ask in this thread instead, since it already contains the term CARDS. This is so that I don´t need to make a NEW thread just to ask about something that is already, been asked and answered probably tons of times. But I can´t find that specific thread(s) which already is.

I have ALL my Cards on Lvl 2 by now, and wish to know if it is "quicker" for me to just NOT upgrade when one of the stacks is finally full?

Or if I should just pump on and upgrade every other FULL STACK whenever it is ready to be?

If I do NOT Upgrade each and every darn STACK when ready, is it so that Cards will go more towards the stacks you have not full? And will in that way, be somehow quicker to get certain STACKS to go to Lvl 5?

2 years 208 days ago

By default, the cast point and heal of Castellan are tied to the current target. even with shifts in the summon point, the character runs towards the enemy at a casting distance. she is less than weapons range. and shops do not sell useful, except for drawings and red and yellow sparks.

2 years 208 days ago

@Kudja don't you get relic items from the other two ordos stores? Since we cannot get those from Captain Van Winters, I thought that was a nice improvement.

2 years 208 days ago
While I am on an xbox, I can say I don't like the default summoning behavior either. And, while I can click and hold to place my summons, in the heat of battle it would be nice to have a (imo) default summoning target point. I don't disagree that the default should be centered on the caster.

Thanks for looking into level adjustments!

2 years 208 days ago

I tried it. If you shift the call point, the turret falls into the enemy, and not at the chosen place.

2 years 209 days ago

Did you try to hold the button with which you summon the construct? You should be able to move them to a specific location.

2 years 209 days ago
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2 years 210 days ago

PS4, controller. Noticeable in a battle with long-range weapons. Summon or hill construct, the character runs into the enemy.

2 years 210 days ago
We are thinking about additional mission level modifiers. We will see what we can do about this. 

The summoning problem appeared with the controller?