Technical problem with launching the game


Dear all. I have a problem with launching of Inq: Martyr. After launching the game, I can hear music, words etc. But no pictures or intro. Only black screen. I was able to lauch the game and play for while but it was after the game was updated firstly. Then after launching I could see pictures and intro and play the game for a while. But when I wanted to launch the game again after couple of minutes, the the same problem again - I can hear music, words but only black scree. 

Could you help me if possible?

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Technical problem with launching the game
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198 days ago

please first try to verify game integrity in Steam. If it won't work, make a full reinstall.
In case you still have the problem, delete the following folders from the game's library:
- Cfg
Then verify game integrity once again!
Please get back to us in email if it did not help: [email protected]