Tech priest dissapearamce


I have returned to this game afterva while and noticed thatbmine tech priest has disappeared. (I had aldredy unlocked him) 

I am playiing on ps4 so i dont know what to do. 

Mine psn account is korija2029

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Tech priest dissapearamce
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209 days ago
Within 2-3 days at most. Sorry for the long awaiting time!
215 days ago
When can i expect change? 
216 days ago
216 days ago
He referred to Omicron Arkh, the Tech-Priest NPC on the Command Bridge:)

Thanks for taking the time to report it, we will handle the rest @KORIJA2029‍ 

216 days ago
How do/did you have a tech priest on ps4? Prophecy is not even on console yet. 
217 days ago
It's a common bug that they are working on leave your psn and hope they see it