Tech fragments drop rate


My constructs' weapons are way below my level simply due to the abysmal drop rate of tech fragments. At level 60, I still have half my kataphron weapons between lvl 40-50:

I get that this is supposed to be a bottleneck, to keep the players grinding, but I did not expect this to hit at level 60. Level 90+ would make more sense and even then such shortage of tech fragments is difficult to justify just to level up constructs' weapons. Lvl 100+, sure, that makes sense.

At least add a way to get additional fragments, e.g. by converting unused constructs' equipment modules into tech fragment, à la Omicron Arkh's salvaging of gear.

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Tech fragments drop rate
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1 year 77 days ago

Probably on Thursday but if we cannot wrap some things up then next Tuesday. 

1 year 77 days ago
Thanks, Marco. Any hint as to when we can expect it? This week, perhaps?

An additional QoL feature to ease the tech fragment grind would be making thematically appropriate missions drop significantly more. E.g. 2x the usual amount in data hunt missions and 3x the usual amount in missions with mech enemies.

1 year 77 days ago
You can expect increased an increased drop rate for the Tech Fragments after the release of our upcoming hotfix.