Tech fragment drops


@MARCOPOLOCS‍ , could you please give us a brief insight into how this system works? Is it a set amount of fragments per mob * mission difficulty, or can it be influenced by other factors?

The first question would be how the game treats the tech fragments: are they simply hidden loot drops? Or is it an XP-like system, not related to the loot system at all?

"Construct weapons can now be upgraded using Tech-Fragments. Tech-Fragments can drop from any enemy, roughly in the same pace as XP can be acquired", the season intro states. So it appears that each enemy type has a fixed amount of tech fragments that can drop from it, multiplied in some way by the mission difficulty, as we saw in a recent update (the 200% - 700% increase).

Can other factors increase the amount of tech fragments gained in a mission? 

  • Tarot cards? 
  • Loot quantity gear? 
  • VC loot modifiers? 
  • Weekly buffs (e.g. Week of the Heretek Forge - Increased chance to get Crafting Materials through the loot system)?

Is the most efficient farming based solely on the mission level (with no tarot cards, to speed up the mission) or can it be further increased by adding the above variables?

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Tech fragment drops
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294 days ago
I cannot yet tell if we address the issue. I will consult over the matter with the designers and will decide it only afterward. What you say makes sense but we need the insights of our colleagues who created the new system to get the full picture. Thanks for the constructive post!
297 days ago
Thanks for the insights.

While on the topic of tech fragments, are you planning anything to address the issue of levelling up multiple construct weapons? As it is now, the system is designed for 'monothematic' builds. i.e. having a single unit type for all your constructs. Five destroyers or five vivisectors, usually. That is the only realistic way to level up the weapons beyond 100. The current design punishes any variety as far as constructs are concerned.

The problems with this system are obvious:

  • Your TA is 'locked in' to using the construct type you levelled up first. Re-focusing on different constructs means having to grind all the fragments to level up its weapons, which becomes prohibitive beyond a certain point.
  • Builds using different construct types simultaneously are severely lacking in the weapons department, as you have to grind the tech fragments for each weapon separately.

Obviously, this is a problem both for experimenting with different TA builds and for the RPG part of the game. Instead of fielding a diverse group of mechs to fit your playstyle, you are forced to focus on a single construct type if you want to be effective, otherwise their weapons will be severely underlevelled.

Are you planning any catch-up mechanic for the constructs' weapons? Let's say halving the tech fragment requirements for each weapon beyond the first. I.e. if I need 50950 fragments at weapon level 90 for my first construct weapon, the second one would only need 25,475 fragments for the same level, the third weapon would need 12737 fragments and let's say any weapon beyond 4 would have a free upgrade to catch up with the other weapons.

298 days ago
Yes, but there is also the chance part of this whole thing which defines that how many enemy out of 10 for example drop fragments. The current system is quite simple, we didn't want to complicate it that much.
298 days ago
Thanks, Marco. I assume therefore that the number of the mobs I kill also has an impact, no? If the tech fragments are sort of a hidden XP-like system, then my guess is that the number of fragments that drop depends on the mission level and number of mobs in it, correct?

I have started a wee bit of tracking of the fragments and so far the largest amount by far was from a +12 daemonic incursion, which would make sense, as the gates usually spawn a whole ton of mobs...

298 days ago
@LANKESTER‍ I edited my comment, please check it.
298 days ago

There is no connection between the Tech Fragments and the loot system. Only the level difference affects the numbers dropped. The numbers are calculated on the basis of the acquired XP. 

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