Tech Adept Suggestions needed!


Hi all,

I'm looking for help with build suggestions for my Tech-Adept. He is currently L84 and I am struggling with lack of damage output. I'm running three Kastelan Robots + two Kataphrons. I've pumped them all up with offensor modules and damage bonuses. I've got 2x Psalm Codes giving the constructs extra damage (they are four slots each so the max I can have is 2). I've fully completed the four skills trees for the constructs. But my overall damage output still seems a bit low. Clearing missions is slow and the maximum I have been able to achieve is +8 level missions.

I've tried using the Diversive Tactics perk to stack loads of vulnerabilities onto the mobs but this doesn't seem to make much difference (it probably doesn't help that it doesn't say what sort of damage the constructs are doing - I mean, I assume autoguns are physical and flamers are heat, but what about phosphor guns or power weapons?).

My assassin and my psyker can both clear +10 level missions with relative ease, so this is getting a little frustrating. My survivability (both for the inquisitor and the constructs) seems generally okay... it's just low damage that;s the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?



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Tech Adept Suggestions needed!
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220 days ago
I guess it could be a balancing issue!

My assassin and psyker are both using builds that I worked out for myself in order to hit the +10 (and to complete the first Ivory Void Crusade). I suppose I assumed I should be able to achieve the same with the tech-adept!

220 days ago
The problem is you are comparing op/cut and paste builds that have never really been balanced since launch to a new class. 10+ should be dam hard not a piece of cake like they are on some builds.