Tech adept Construct bug


Hello there

i have a strange bug, multiple times on a map when i attack an enemy with left klick holding my constructs freeze on the spot until my char moves then its back to normal.

anybody have the same exp?

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Tech adept Construct bug
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358 days ago

when you have equiped the Kataphron Destroyer with flame and graph you have hold leftclick on an enemy best with radium carbine without moving then they freeze after aprox 1 or 2 sec on position without doing anything. They unfreeze after you move your char or make another skill. please test it

358 days ago

The Radium Carbine but it happens also with the Plasma Caliver i tested its very common this bug, unfortunetly the primary attack of autofire guns in combination with this constructs Kataphron Destroyer with flame thrower and graph cannon has killed me a bunch of times until i figured it out

361 days ago
What is the primary weapon you use? We will check on the behavior of the Constructs on our end.
363 days ago
I can't confirm 100%, but I believe I was experiencing this bug yesterday. I kept wondering why my constructs kept stopping, and looking back what you said makes sense -- they appeared to stop moving when I was attacking.