Tarot Missons - No items



I've done two tarot missions in a row now and haven't received anything.  Not even the items from the chest at the very end where you hold X to open it. None of the assorted items acquired in the mission either. I don't believe I even actually got the experience but I'm not certain on that and I don't want to waste any more fate to figure it out.

This is on my level 32 assault crusader.

My PSN is Whiteknucklejoe

Please help me sort this out...

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Tarot Missons - No items
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3 years 109 days ago
You mean, eventually the rewards appeared for you except the one from the first tarot mission? Did you experience this ever since?
3 years 111 days ago
I just completed another mission from the world map and went through two end of mission parts in a row. So it appears the reward from the tarot Misson. "Caught up" with the rest of it after I did the next one. I still didn't receive rewards for the first tarot mission I had done though.