Tarot cards locked again


After creating a new seasonal character and leveling up a bit, I checked back on my regular inquisitors and found out that the tarot cards have been locked again. They now reflect the seasonal character state, even on non-seasonal characters.

Luckily, their progress has been kept, it's just they are locked now and can't be selected for missions.

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Tarot cards locked again
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101 days ago

Hey Marco, thanks.

Account name = Potpie

I played my seasonal assassin Amendera Kendel last a few hours ago.  I read this, logged in and chose my regular crusader Ironbar, went to Void Crusade in progress and had Tarot cards locked out.

102 days ago
The previous patch was supposed to fix this problem. You are the first one who reported the problem since we released the patch. Please let me know your account name so we can re-check the matter.
103 days ago
I am having the same issue:  play seasonal character for a while, switch to non-seasonal and lots of Tarot Cards are locked stating I'm lacking reputation with the associated Systems.

I do a random mission with what cards I have available, and then when I get back to the Bridge they are all unlocked as they should be.
106 days ago
This is not some kind of equal Bug report like thing again.

I need an explanation and tip please. And am using this thread to avoid making JUST ANOTHER thread regarding Q´s about Tarot Cards.

I have ALL my Tarot Cards on Lvl 2 at the moment, and it takes me very long time to collect enough cards to be able to Upgrade something/it. I wonder. When I now finally after lots grind DO GET enough Cards and when it is time to Upgrade one stack, should I do it instantly or should I rather just NOT? Could it be easier/quicker to get the Cards you need when X number of Stacks is closed and ready to get upgraded?

134 days ago

Same issue with tarot cards, logged with high-level, non-seasonal character and they're locked.

134 days ago
Just a small update after some more switching between my characters. This could be some back end thingy being delayed. After logging back in a couple of times on my non-seasonal character, the cards were unlocked again. So it might be that the server takes a bit too long with the update of my non-seasonal character when I first log in after playing a seasonal char. Perhaps it does not notice I switched, especially if I do it in the same gaming session (i.e. without first exiting the game) and the server thinks I'm still on my seasonal one.

It's just a guess, might be something completely else, of course...

135 days ago
The first issue will get checked, other players reported the same as well. Thank you for the valuable information and screenshot!
137 days ago

Also, can't exchange cortex fragments - I click 'yes' and nothing happens, Rebus refuses to do anything.

Edit: it did work in the end - after I first moved all the fragments from my inventory, then moved them back to my inventory and tried exchanging again. Weird glitch, if you have to do this kind of workarounds for Rebus to start trading...

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