Tarot Cards don't stack properly after missions


This is a relatively minor bug. Tarot Card items that you get from end-of-mission lootboxes don't stack with Tarot Cards that you looted during the mission. This is strange because they stack any other time.

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Tarot Cards don't stack properly after missions
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48 days ago
This type of thing have always been the case for me. For a long time. Have never bothered about it. Sometimes been both 2 and 3 stacks in my inventory with 16, 1 and 3 cards in it. Or whatever something. Nothing to worry about.
48 days ago
This particular bug is already on our to-do list but as its priority is not high we will deal with it only later on. Thank you though for submitting the report!:)
59 days ago
Yes, this happens to me too.