PS4 - Tarot card levels and automatic reassignment after Seasons


Hello Neocore!

My friends and I have been enjoying the game immensely, so thank you for sticking with it and updating it with new content!

I have one question / concern that concerns the Tarot cards, and how you transitioned our Seasonal characters to 'Normal' mode. Basically it looks (to us) like you did the following:

1. Gathered up all points spent on Tarot cards from our Seasonal Characters into one 'season Tarot pool'

2. Redistributed all of those points randomly across *every single Tarot card* (including new +level ones) in the 'normal' pool

3. Automatically levelled up *all Tarot cards* as this was being done.

Okay so what this did was to completely ruin all the hours of effort that my friends and I put in to levelling up specific Tarot cards, and not others, to get specific bonuses from cards we wanted (hence the ability you've given us to choose *not* to level up a card).

My friend had a Tarot card on his Seasonal character at level 4, halfway to max level 5. And now after Seasonal transition, that same card is level 1 or 2 and has only a couple Tarot points in it.

Every single one of our Tarot cards are now only level 1 or 2, and all of them show 1/50,  3/50, 4/10 or what-have-you. Meaning that any new tarot cards we aquire will just get randomly assigned to this huge pool of Tarot cards and everything will take forever to level up.  Which we specifically wanted to avoid by leveling only certain cards.

An entire end-game avenue of progressing our characters was taken away from us, and our progression (at least re: Tarots) from Seasonal basically lost as a result of this.

I hope this was a bug, oversight or has some other beneficial purpose for being  done this way.  It was a huge buzzkill when we logged on today to see this was how Tarot card Seasonal-->Normal transition was handled.

We were under the impresson that maybe Tarot points from Seasonal would be refunded into a large 'stack' of cards in our Inventory (I looked all over for them), and we would then re-apply them as we wished. Still random assignment, but the same ability to cap them out at 10/10 for level 1, 50/50 for level 2 and stop progressing some cards, while choosing to level up others.

We see you still have the button available to "upgrade card" on each Tarot. So it appears we still have the option to choose not to level up a card, for the exact reason to avoid the dire situation we are now in....

So the quick fix would be to give players an option to refund all Tarot card points, then choose to re-allocate them. The patch notes say:

  • From now on full stacks of Tarot Cards can be activated immediately.

I took it to mean that if you have a stack of 7, 10, 27, 100 or whatever Tarot cards, clicking on the stack would immediately assign them (to Tarot cards available, ie not at 10/10, 50/50, etc). It would stop applying Tarot cards if there were none available to apply points to until we, the players, opted to 'upgrade' their level.

It should be a feature on a vendor, or ship station anyway. Maybe costing Favour or some other currency, or an item like the 'refund talent points' we can buy from the Rogue Trader.

Anyway, sorry to make a sour-sounding post. We love the game, theme and raw 40k atmosphere of it. But this was a bit of a downer for us after the excitement of new content to look forward to.



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PS4 - Tarot card levels and automatic reassignment after Seasons
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314 days ago
Your reasoning is spot on, don't worry!

There have been some problems with the Tarot card merges as it seems.

Could you please check whether you have pending rewards? If yes, please open them as there should be numerous Tarot cards consumables waiting for you to retrieve. If there is no pending rewards please let us know your PSN and we will investigate the problem.

I can assure you, the lost cards will be thoroughly compensated!