Tarot Card Issues. Bug?


Whether this is a bug or not or what, I can´t say for sure that it is, but it sure doesn´t feel right, as it is.

Reason for me asking is, when it comes to Tarot Card drops in general, it just seems to be an odd and strange thing really. Tarot Card drops in, let´s say Intel Missions seems like extreme few. I have played 15 Intel Missions in a row easily, and ended up with extreme few or absolutely NO DROP whatsoever regarding Cards.

I go Void Crusades, and choose Venom Card on each and every single Mission and do get NO DROP whatsoever. The one and only Mission where I end up with any Card drop whatsoever, is in fact in the Supreme Mission. Bur when that is said... is it really worth the effort, when and if you at all is fortunate to even open the Card Chest.?! In some extreme few cases I ended up with 20+ Cards, which is really not bad getting as reward when working hard through an entire Crusade. But in most cases one start to wonder if it is really worth getting through a Crusade at all, when one is in need of Tarot Cards. In most cases working through Crusades, this includes getting at least 3 Info Frags, 1 to 2 Secret Missions and at least 2 of the Bonus Missions, still one ends up with reward in Supreme Mission if you do open the Card Chest - 5 Cards. Yes indeed, 5 entire Cards as reward for completing an entire Crusade. You start to really wonder if there is any point in doing Crusades at all, if you are also in much need of Cards, really.

And the thing in the List of Missions, where you choose which level and so on, it is sometimes that it feels a bit like Intel or pure luck if you get any at all. Or in some odd cases it feels normal drop(s). And if you are in need of getting a lot of Cards where you need to get to Max Lvl of Card(s), one feel like it can be one bumpy road to getting that.

I´m seriously starting to wonder if this is actually a bug, or if it is actually normal and as it should be. It sure feels like there is something odd and very strange about the whole thing. Or is it? Is it normal for one to have to grind for 30++ hours to get like a 200+ Cards?! I am starting to wonder. Feels like a lot of things, really.

Could some of the Devs look into this please, as to confirm or unconfirm this? Because I am confused.

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Tarot Card Issues. Bug?
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239 days ago
iWell, I am usually having Venom at high and usually other Card lvls lower, but it all it seems to be just strange how it all worked according to what I´m used to. Or seemed like I was/is used to.
240 days ago

Tarot Card drop appears to be "Rare"-tier. Which means you don't get more of them by upping drop quality, the drop quantity modifier and duplicate chance cards seem to increase the output.