Targeting on Console


Targeting is very frustrating so far. It's not very fluid and rarely can I target who I want. 

For example: if I'm being pummeled by melee enemies, I can't target them. Instead my character force targets a wall or a small mound with no way to switch targets. Or my character will run after a chest or supply crate that I don't even want, which is near enemies that I can't target because the target is forced on opening the box.

Usually one could use the right stick to switch targets, but that can't work since it's controlled by the camera.

Will there be an update soon to address this issue? I'm hoping it won't become like Titan Quest on console where it took months for an update and nothing major was really fixed.

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Targeting on Console
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5 years 334 days ago
Thanks for the quick response. 
5 years 334 days ago

We are aware of this issue and currently we are looking into options on tweaking it. Thanks for all the feedback - we will think of a solution.

5 years 334 days ago
Psyker molten beam , oh my.

you can be locked on and beam will just fire...... At nothing usually straight out to the right. Some what useless in the middle of combat. 

5 years 334 days ago
I'm facing the same problem. I think the main issue with that is, that on standard layout the X button is mapped to interact/ability 1. Seems like the game logic can't tell what the player wants to do. It would be better to isolate the interact button from any other button command. 

To be honest, I don't know how targeting really works. It's R3 to lock on and then use the right stick to switch between targets?

Maybe free or custom button mapping would help.

5 years 334 days ago
There definitely has to be a nice middle ground. I know Diablo III and the Van Hellsing games didn't have this issue on console.
5 years 334 days ago
Yeah I’ve had issues with this on Xbox.  Sometimes the auto targeting feels so good that I really don’t need much skill to play the game and other times it’s just way off.