Talk about issues with high damage inflation (Rant)


Oh and a little D3 footage because for the purpose of the discussion (which is martyr related) the footage better emphasized the points I was making. Remember to watch the developer stream tonight! Next patch is being previewed. 

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Talk about issues with high damage inflation (Rant)
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7 years 4 days ago

I want to show off my progress in game i want to have some thing to brag about in game i want to have that ultra rare skin that most people dont have :) i would work for a beautiful gun skin or armor skin but most game you have a beautiful skin but with over power stat that just kills the game and why do a game have to be all the way to level 100 that make no sense if you want people to have there own game play style then limit there skill ponts and gave them alot of skill to spend that points on that way every one will have a different build not gave them all the skill point so they can have all the skill LOL so how will people have there own play style if every one have the same skill ROFL ( guild war 1 rule cause they understood this ) 

7 years 6 days ago

amen sister. Praise the Emps. 

7 years 6 days ago

That's what excatly i think about the ARPG issue these days, the only thing we doing in the game is for loot, and use the item from the loot to for better loot, if u stop playing and think about it, what are we doing for playing the game? That's the game playing us!

I still remember the old days when i play Diablo 2 when i was a teenage, may be i was too young i dont even care about the loot i get, i want to know the story, i diedly want to know what would happened to centain character in the game or what new story i would encount in next stage, and i feel more staistify than playing the endless progressing in Diablo 3. That's maybe the reason why i end up stop playing Diablo 3 after only 10 hours.

And Martyr somehow give me the similiar feeling the first time i playing Diablo 2, I want play it not because I want to have some good stuff, I just wanna be a Inquisitor kill some heretics and pray the emporer. And now after watching ur video i understand that is this what excatly i wanna play this game, and that's it, the loot or the progressing is only one of the reason that makes me wanna play it, but never should be the only reason.

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7 years 6 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Amen. On that we can both agree !

7 years 6 days ago

Given what i've seen of the VH series I have faith in Viktor. Would love to see a good story driven ARPG in 40k. fingers crossed.

7 years 6 days ago

I think when you come down to it, the biggest difference between Martyr and Diablo is that Martyr will be story driven, with lots of story related content that will be constantly added to. In other words, Martyr is a "thinking man's" ARPG, backed up by the endless storehouse of 40k lore.