System vs mission level?


Prior to this weekend I had gotten up to a rating 3 mission available in the starter system.  Since Friday's patch, I have only seen rating 1.  The "Known Issues" thread says that only Level 1 system being available is intended, however it's unclear how the system and the mission ratings relate.  Is it also intended that now can only get rating 1 missions in a level 1 system?  That seems excessive, to have roughly 20 areas that you should be leveling out of after only a handful of missions.  It also means progressive is 100% stopped at the moment.

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System vs mission level?
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7 years 94 days ago
I agree with this, once you have gear from lvl 2 or 3 missions it does mean that that lvl 1 missions give very little credits or experience, and no fate at all (presumably to stop farming of missions far below your level).

I'm also not sure the attack/defence levels from gear actually have any effect yet. Gear from a few lvl 3 missions last week mean I have attack level 5, but all enemies on lvl 1 missions now seem to take just as many shots as they did when I started the character.