Switching weapons


I'm currently unable o switch weapons from a shield and a 1h melee to 2h weapons. Trying to slot in my boltgun does nothing, and I've tried clicking and dragging the 2h weapons onto either filled slots, rightclicking them, etc. Nothing seems to work.

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Switching weapons
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6 years 22 days ago

if it's stuck you might be able to unstick it by equipping a 2 handed weapon (Greatsword/Evicerator/Thunderhammer) via right clicking.

Then you can load up the bolter without issue in my experience. This kind of thing will hopefully be covered by being able to directly unequip things in upcoming builds.

6 years 23 days ago
Sorry, made a typo up there. To clarify, I'm trying to go from a shield and a chainsword to just a boltgun.