Switch from Solo to Co-Op on PS4


How do I switch from Solo to Co-Op on a PS4?  Also, how do I start a new game? 

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Switch from Solo to Co-Op on PS4
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6 years 365 days ago
It's really a random thing. You should write an email to the support team - [email protected]

Attach your account name, email.

6 years 365 days ago

Why 2 staff members reply here and other posts about network error they didn't care?

7 years 17 hours ago

Unfortunately there is no local Co-op.

7 years 18 hours ago

Thanks!  Is there a 'local' Co-op?  I just want to play with someone else in my home.

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7 years 23 hours ago
When in a Solo session you can switch to Co-op mode by bringing up the Game Pause Menu via the [OPTIONS button] and hitting 'Go Online'.

By hitting 'Go Online', you will host a Server and give oppurtunity for players to join your game. It is important to know that only players who have reached the same point in the Story as you will be able to join your session. Character type is also a factor, only Normal Characters can join a Nornal session and only Hardcore Characters can join a Hardcore session.

Alternatively if you want to have a clean slate and experience a game with others from start to finish, you can do so by hitting Multiplayer > Create Game > '[TRIANGLE button] Create Game' from the Main Menu after creating a new Character. You can Create a new Character by hitting 'Select Character' in the Main Menu and pressing '[TRIANGLE button] Create'.

To start a New Game you have the following options:

  • One way is creating a new Character and hitting Story in the Main Menu,
  • or if you have already completed the Story you can jump into a game mode with your high level Character called Neverending Story. But be advised this mode is designed to be really difficult, so expect a challenge.