suppression on hit does not work?


Hey guys, I just tried a 95% mission in order to see how much suppression I'm getting back with my build.

I have:

1) +50 suppression gained on hit from a shard in my autogun

2) Pain Suppression

3) the 3-shot psalm code doctrine

4) 12% health gained on crit (4510 HP) + 55HP on crit 

5) ~50-60% crit chance

I had dropped into yellow...and I wasn't being hit. I unloaded on a target, and I got exactly ZERO suppression back.

My autogun's full-auto has a 0.04 cooldown...because of the 3-shot psalm code doctrine, I should be getting 25 * 50 * 3 = 3750 MINIMUM suppression back per second vs meaty targets (I was shooting a space marine, point-blank).

Please let me know what's going on...if this is a bug, I am surprised...since it's been a year+ since release...

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suppression on hit does not work?
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2 years 276 days ago
Guys, I'm gonna keep bumping this thread lol
2 years 279 days ago
Neocore, you guys have any info on this?
2 years 280 days ago

bump...since this is a big one for me...

2 years 281 days ago

Ok, I'm glad to hear it's a bigger issue.

I really wish they would fix this, as suppression is the only problem I'm having with my build (at the highest difficulties).

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2 years 281 days ago
I also noticed an issue with supression regain. I used a greatsword with the relic property of "one hit kills gve x% of killing blow as hp and suppression". I get the hp, but i get zero suppression.