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Hey I just want to check to see if my support email hasn't gotten lost since the website update.

The last response I got was that they would look into helping me but that was back on February 17 before the site update and just after the founding kicked off.

I have sent a couple more since then asking if there's been any progress but no response so far and I'm wondering if the email chain has been buried or something else has messed up.

And just to be sure is [email protected] the right address?

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Support via email
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2 years 362 days ago

im not affiliated with neocore, just another inquisitor but what was the problem? Maybe some of the other players know a solutio0n :) worth a shot. 

2 years 362 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Also if you haven't heard by tomororw i'd pop on the discord and message one of the staff directly, they are great at chasing stuff that gets lost :)

2 years 362 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Troubles with purchasing the master inquisitor pack so I doubt others beside the staff can help me :(

Thanks for the tip about discord, I'll try that after giving this post a bit of time.

2 years 362 days ago
The Epic Rage

ah honestly just log in discord tomorrow if no one has replied, message either Megapull or Morzan, they will bash heads and get back to you :)

2 years 361 days ago
Hi! You should write an email to [email protected] if you have troubles with the purchasing. 
1 year 82 days ago
I did not receive my ps4 theme for warhammer 40k inquisitor imperium edition on ps4. Idk how to get help with this?
1 year 82 days ago


please check the store and search the theme there. It will not pop up automatically!
In case you are from the US region here is the link:
In the EU for example: