Super turret side quest + purge = failed mission


If you went on a purge mission and happened to get a "engineers repairing turret" side quest, you better allow them to build it as unfinished turret is indestructible, but counts towards enemies you have to kill. What is better, to fight super turret and fail side quest to complete mission or immediately surrender - it's your choice.

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Super turret side quest + purge = failed mission
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6 years 320 days ago

Good to  know  i have had it happen.   After  dancing round it   trying  everything to damage  it    to no avail.  Atleast you can scrub the mission for some   rewards or i would really be pulling my hair out.

6 years 323 days ago

Yeah, this one has been posted a few times on the forums and nearly constantly griped about in chat. It's not ideal but it's known at least.